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Astrology, Art and Shamanism for Soul Evolution.

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About Me

I was not born with the gift of spirit or an enlightened view of life. I didn’t come from a religious or spiritual family. However, I have always been artistic. I was able to get into “the zone” often when I was younger while painting. I never thought anything of it until listening to spiritual teachers talk about how that zone can be compared to states of enlightenment. I was not enlightened but was able to glimpse that state in “the zone” of the painting process or any other highly motivated artistic endeavor.

Always passionate about art, I went to Penn State to earn my bachelor's degree in drawing and painting against my mom’s advice that I wouldn’t be able to get a real job. The reality hit when I graduated, and after many attempts to earn a living with my art, was unsuccessful. I finally listened to my mom’s advice and went back to school for my master’s degree to become an art teacher. I taught art in a public school for 15 years. I learned a lot. I learned how to tame my wilder side and to act professionally. I learned that I was a role model for little kids, so I had better watch what I say in public and on social media. I had learned how to wake up really early to stick to my workout routine and try to have a small amount of me time because the rest of the day would be filled with taking care of the needs of other people’s kids, followed by taking care of the needs of my own kids after school hours. I learned how to be very organized, how to follow a strict schedule, and that I was not allowed to go to the bathroom when I needed to. I learned how to get a shitload of work done without having any time to do it and to be the ultimate time manager and taskmaster. I learned that teaching is really hard, but that I loved the creativity that lesson planning brought me, and I loved sharing something that I was passionate about. I learned a lot from working with kids. But in the end, it wasn’t for me. I always felt like something was missing.

I had always been interested in visiting psychics. With my first experience, the psychic told me that I would be meeting my husband in a few months, his named would start with an S, and I had met him before. I said, “no way!” No one fits that description. Sure enough, 4 months later I met my husband, Sean, and the rest was history. Yes, I had met him before but didn’t remember. Fast forward 9 years to my next visit with the psychic. I had just lost a pregnancy and was devastated. She told me that the soul I had lost was not ready yet and would be returning. She said I would be pregnant again really soon. She also said that another baby, baby # 4- a boy, would also be coming. I told her I was stopping at 3 and that was that. I had became pregnant with my 3rd daughter 6 weeks after seeing her. When my daughter turned 1, I became pregnant with my son against all odds! She was right, and I was amazed with her and the universe! One last thing she told me- I had her abilities and would be working with spirit too. I was a channel of some sort, and I would be quitting my job as a teacher. I was skeptical, but after all she had been right about, I believed! 

My son was born in February of 2020, 3 weeks before the world shut down due to COVID. I had suffered with OCD my whole life. I am talking typical germaphobe, glove wearing and hand washing OCD. My OCD was worse when I was a kid but would come and go. It really picked up again after having kids. I was always worried something would happen to them. I later learned that this fear in me stemmed from a past life where I was left orphaned after my parents died of the plague so it all made sense. I had also formed several agreements in this life about the natural world being dangerous. I had to do a lot of shamanic work to rewrite these agreements at the energetic level so I did not keep living by them. Back to my son being born during COVID. This was a disaster for me. I had to deal with my own mental health, a newborn, my 3 other kids home full-time, homeschooling my then 1st grader with ADHD, no sleep, my now-working-from-home-husband who was not in the best place given the circumstances, no help and COVID. I was pushed to the edge. I got really sick, and it was bad.

I decided to call my favorite psychic, and the session with her felt like therapy to me. By connecting with spirit through her I was able to feel at peace about my situation. I knew everything was going to be ok, and I knew that it was time to start connecting with spirit on my own. She told me again that I was psychic, so I bought a few decks of oracle cards and started to meditate. Things started to happen right away when I opened the doors to the spirit world. Meditation was extremely powerful and the most important thing on my path to healing my own mental condition. I was able to heal past life wounds that I had been carrying with me for an eternity. I was able to heal my chakras and energy field. I took accountability for my own actions through shadow work. I started to look at myself and dig deep into my behavior. I stopped living someone else’s life and started to take control of how I wanted my path to look.


I never went back to teaching in a public school again. My heart wasn’t in it. I learned to trust spirit and follow my heart. I learned to step away from the drive to kill oneself in the daily grind and to change my thoughts so other options could be gifted to me from the universe. My heart led me to classes in astrology. After years of just reading about astrology, I started to practice reading natal charts for friends and clients. I become fascinated with the world outside of our solar system and my galactic heritage. I started to take classes in shamanism and learned that I was a shaman and an astrologer in lives past. I learned that I didn’t know where this path was taking me when I started, but that was ok. I trusted myself and my heart, followed the signs of what small step to take next, and took it day-by-day. I still don’t know exactly where this path is taking me, but I am finally loving the journey!

I am not going to promise to change your life or tell you that all the cool stuff that happened to me will happen to you. I am not going to promise you that I can help you manifest one million, a mansion and the person of your dreams. What I can tell you is that with hard work and dedication to a spiritual practice you too will be able to get more out of what you want in this life. You too can heal your karma and the patterns that have been making you unhappy. If you are interested in taking the reins on your life, you are in the right place! Namaste!

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"The Astrology reading Danielle did for me was more than I could have ever expected! The reading was very thorough and in-depth and completely resonated with me! Her reading feels like a manual to my life and I have re-read it multiple times, each time getting more from it. 
Danielle took the time to get to know me before the reading so that as she interpreted my chart, she knew which interpretation would resonate with me. She also took time after the reading to explain the chart and to answer any questions. Overall it was an amazing experience, and I have much clarity and a new understanding of my human self and my soul. I also feel like it gave me confirmation on what I was intuitively feeling is my next step in this journey of life on earth and what I need to do to get there." ~Nicole Bobby

“It's all brilliant, and it all resonates so beautifully.  For the first 6 minutes or so, I had to fight back the urge to cry, but it was that type of deep-healing crying-the feeling that someone actually sees me, and I am so grateful for it. After the first 6 minutes, I was just listening with personal fascination and also with such deep respect for this information that you are able to retrieve and assimilate. The scale of what you are bringing together is enormous! Mind-blowing actually. But everything is so helpful to me.

I didn't find it too complex at all, and you explained everything really well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. This has by far exceeded my expectations. There is so much healing here for me. I know you did a ton of truly masterful work on this, and I can't thank you enough.” ~A.E (galactic astrology reading client)

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