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Astrology, Art and Shamanism for Soul Evolution.



In The Art and Science of Hand Reading Ellen Goldberg claims that the art of palm reading emerged in the Middle East before the birth of Christ. The Koran, the Indian Vedas and the Old Testament make reference to the reading of the palms. Arabic palmistry texts can be found today in the Vatican library, which contains the largest selection of books on palmistry and astrology in the world. Doctors used to diagnose disease and illness by looking at the lines on the hands. It is said that the changes that occur in the subconscious mind show up in the lines of the hand before the conscious mind is aware. Therefore, it is possible to determine what will happen and what has happened to someone in life by studying their hands.

Palm Reading                                            $150.00

This reading will include a full palm reading of the fingers and palms of both hands. This is a detailed reading and can determine when important events may happen in your future that will leave a mark on your soul. This reading can also enlighten you on different aspects of your personality and common traits or characteristics that may need to be worked on. The reading will not be successful if I do not have very clear pictures of your hands. I have a link to a video below on how to clearly take your pictures and send them to me via email. Please be sure to follow these steps for a more accurate reading.


Link to photograph palms: 

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