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Astrology, Art and Shamanism for Soul Evolution.



Shamanism can be used along with an astrology reading to gain psychic insight and answer divination questions a client may have. I often use a shamanic journey to travel to meet with my guides to gain insight into past lives or charka healing that is needed for a client via an energy scan for clients purchasing one of my astrology sessions.

As a stand-alone practice, shamanism is a very powerful tool that uses a variety of energy healing techniques- commanding the second attention, extraction, soul retrieval and more. 

When a shaman commands the second attention, he/she is able to rewrite old agreements (false belief systems) that have been holding oneself, or another, back in life. These agreements sometimes stem from past life or early childhood traumas and situations that have caused one to tell themselves one thing or another about the way the world and other people operate. For example, a girl who is treated poorly by her father in childhood may form the agreement that she is unlovable to men from an early age. Therefore, this agreement influences all future relationships with men. Other agreements are formed at larger levels based on the bloodline and even larger levels based on the culture or world in which one lives. The shaman is trained to travel into the spirit world with the assistance of spirit helpers to rewrite old agreements.

Emotions that are not resolved can become stuck in the energy body of an individual. These stuck emotions are called intrusions, and they affect the healthy flow of energy in the energy body, leading to weaknesses, holes and tears. Intrusions can influence the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of a person. The removal of intrusions is called Extraction. During this process, the shaman travels to non-ordinary reality to meet with spirit helpers to remove the intrusion and restore a balanced flow to the energy body. 

Soul parts are bundles of life force energy imbued within our consciousness. Soul loss happens when soul parts move away from a person's energy field as it exists in present time. Often, due to a traumatic or upsetting experience, soul parts will remain stuck in ordinary reality but in the old timeline where the event occurred. This may look like part of your soul remaining in your childhood home where something upsetting happened as a kid. Soul parts can also escape to non-ordinary reality realms of the upper world and lower world. When soul parts are lost we leak life force energy back to the time and place where an event happened in hopes of resolving the difficult emotions. Sometimes soul loss can happen when we are hesitant to leave a positive place, person or experience. In order for us to feel whole again, we must call our lost soul parts back. Sometimes this happens naturally, but at other times it does not. This is where the shamanic soul retrieval comes in. Soul retrieval is a powerful shamanic healing technique where a shaman brings lost soul parts back to their owner. 

Shamanic Healing w/Astrology Session   $111.00

During an astrology reading, I may discover areas of karma where energy healing could be beneficial. Someone may have built up a significant amount of karma during this lifetime or past lives, and this karma is now showing up in the birth chart to be resolved. This session will go along with one of my astrology sessions for clients who are interested in healing certain findings of the chart reading. 


Stand-alone Shamanic Healing Session   $275.00

This session is a stand-alone shamanic healing session that will utilize whatever shamanic techniques are needed after doing a shamanic journey on behalf of the client. It is hard to tell exactly what will need to be done until the journey has started. Therefore, this session includes the possibility of an energy scan, commanding the second attention, extraction or soul retrieval, in addition to divination. Sometimes only 2-3 of these things are needed and sometimes all of them are needed. Sometimes, only 1-2 issues come up for healing and sometimes it is more. This session will be recorded live during the journey and send via email in the form of an audio recording. 

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"My past life reading was fantastic! It was a wild ride of reflecting on recurring themes, challenges and opportunities I have in this lifetime. I found myself laughing and nodding to many of your insights that rang true through recurring themes, feelings, and events, and reluctantly nodding in agreement when you pointed out themes that are challenges (and ultimately opportunities for spiritual growth) for me. It was enlightening and comforting to hear about possible past lives and how they laid a foundation for the spiritual growth and wound-healing I’m experiencing in this lifetime – reaffirming the experiences I’m having in this lifetime are unique to my journey and making me feel like I’m on the right track. I found this reading to be more detailed, straightforward, and thorough than prior astrology readings. Your detailed reading led me to have several “aha” moments and felt like placing the final piece of a spiritual puzzle, giving me greater understanding and appreciation for my karmic past and all that has yet to come in this lifetime. Thank you!" ~Steph Mansueto

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