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Astrology, Art and Shamanism for Soul Evolution.



Shamanism can be used along with astrology or by itself to gain psychic insight and answer divination questions. I often use a shamanic journey to travel to meet with my guides to gain insight into past lives or charka healing that is needed for a client via an energy scan. 

Shamanic Journey                                      $50.00

During this session, I will journey to the upper or lower world to meet with my spirit guides and/or power animals (and sometimes yours) to scan your energy body for repairs, answer any divination questions you may have, and/or repair the energy body.

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"My past life reading was fantastic! It was a wild ride of reflecting on recurring themes, challenges and opportunities I have in this lifetime. I found myself laughing and nodding to many of your insights that rang true through recurring themes, feelings, and events, and reluctantly nodding in agreement when you pointed out themes that are challenges (and ultimately opportunities for spiritual growth) for me. It was enlightening and comforting to hear about possible past lives and how they laid a foundation for the spiritual growth and wound-healing I’m experiencing in this lifetime – reaffirming the experiences I’m having in this lifetime are unique to my journey and making me feel like I’m on the right track. I found this reading to be more detailed, straightforward, and thorough than prior astrology readings. Your detailed reading led me to have several “aha” moments and felt like placing the final piece of a spiritual puzzle, giving me greater understanding and appreciation for my karmic past and all that has yet to come in this lifetime. Thank you!" ~Steph Mansueto

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