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"5 out of 5 Golden Stars!! If you are looking for an honest, skilled, and insightful astrologer, you have certainly come to the right place! I have come to Danielle for several astrology readings including past life readings, secondary progressions, transits, and natal chart insights for myself and my husband, and I know I will continue to rely on her skills and intuition in the future! Being a student of astrology myself, I can attest to the accuracy and the relevancy of the insight that she is able to provide. Astrology is such a vast field of information, it's hard to know what is pertinent to your current circumstances and what is irrelevant, and it's even harder to know who you should trust with such sensitive information and who you shouldn't. I trust Danielle explicitly to tell me what I need to hear, with respect and tact, yet not sugar coat difficult information. I believe that she has a genuine calling to be of service to others through the gift of astrology and true desire to aid us all in our growth and evolution. You're in good hands with her!!" ~Renee Houston

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Please Fill Out this Form to Request a Reading.

I will respond within 48 hours. I will respond to you via email ( to set up a time for a quick 20 minute phone conversation to go over basic natal chart energy. Additionally, I find my readings are more successful when I can put a face to the name. I look forward to hearing from you! 

In the meantime, please read over my policies and the legal stuff

Be mindful when booking a session that you may experience a lot of intense healing and activation afterwards, so it is important to abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours and try to avoid any high stress situations if possible to allow yourself to integrate.

I will email you after receiving the form. Email will be the main method of communication other than a follow up text to make sure my email didn't go to spam! 

Thanks for submitting!

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